Saturday, October 3, 2020

339. MY HOUSE IS YOUR HOUSE. From my (unpublished) ENCYCLOPEDIA OF THE NEW YORK STAGE: 1970-1975

Harry Eno, Jenny O'Hara.
MY HOUSE IS YOUR HOUSE [Comedy/Law/Marriage/Prostitution/Sex] A: Lee Loeb and Sam Ross; D: William Tegroe; S/L: Robert Engstrom; C: Leia Larmon; P: John J. Nestor i/a/w Wolf William Moss; T: Players Theatre (OB); 10/15/70 (1)

This entry in the one performance-only sweepstakes of the early 70s was so bad that, before it was half over, it had lost more than half its audience, the critics among them. As Martin Gottfried noted, “While they were there they saw nothing—and after they left, they missed nothing.”

This “farce without a single moment of laughter,” as Richard Watts nailed it, is set in a Massachusetts house in 1927. It tells of a young district attorney (Frank Moon) who has been plaguing the town Madame. She gets back at him by dying and leaving him her bordello. This is leaked to the press, putting his career in jeopardy. In the ensuing complications, he is visited by two hookers (Anita Stewart and Jan McElhaney) who come to his home, surprising him and shocking his wife (Jenny O’Hara). After the wife’s crooked politico uncle (Milo Boulton) intervenes to get the D.A. off the hook, the play resolves itself into a happy ending, unlike the fate of the production itself.