Friday, January 15, 2016

130. Review: COLLABORATORS (seen January 14, 2015)

"When You Feel the Urge to Purge"
Stars range from 5-1.
For my review of COLLABORATORS please click on THE BROADWAY BLOG.

Grand Hall at St. Mary's Church
440 Grand Street, NYC
Through February 13

Natalie Pavale, Erin Biernard, Brian J. Carter, Maury Miller. Photo: Michael Abrams.

Brian J. Carter. Photo: Michael Abrams.

Ross DeGraw, Brian J. Carter: Photo: Michal Abrams.

Robin Haynes, Erin Biernard, Brian J. Carter. Photo: Michael Abrams.

Robin Haynes, Joseph Salvatore Knipper, Brian J. Carter, Jessica Levesque. Photo: Michael Abrams.

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