Sunday, March 22, 2020


Dear Friends:

I know you’re not expecting any reviews during our current health crisis, which has essentially shut down the entire New York theatre industry. Reviews, of course, will have to wait until things return to a semblance of normalcy. Among the things I’m doing with this sudden abundance of time is organizing my lifelong collection of papers, memorabilia, letters, programs, magazines, and so forth.

If you’re on Facebook, you’ll see my occasional postings of old theatrical photos, with commentary, on the Vintage New York Stage page, as well as the Broadway Babylon page. For those interested in Japanese traditional theatre, I also hope to keep my Kabuki Woogie blog going with occasional postings.

In addition, I’ve begun ruminating about my own theatre experiences, which I’d like to share with a wider audience. I’ve long anticipated the chance to tell the story that follows, "The Night I Met Hamlet." Now that the chance has arrived, I hope you’ll enjoy reading it.

I hope to meet you again on the other side of this catastrophe, but, for the nonce, PLEASE STAY SAFE!

With affectionate concern:


To read "The Night I Met Hamlet," please click on THEATER PIZZAZZ.