Friday, February 16, 2018

160 (2017-2018): Review: HANGMEN (seen February 14, 2018)

"No Noose is Good Noose"

For my review of Hangmen please click on THE BROADWAY BLOG.

“Did the Folks Next to Me Like It?” (5)

(With apologies to the "Did He Like It?" website.) Often, I’m very aware of how the strangers sitting next to me at a show are reacting. I may hear the audience laughing across the way or behind me, while the man or woman beside me is sitting stone-faced. Or I may notice sniffling while I myself am falling asleep. Since I often wonder how they feel about what we’ve both just experienced I’ve decided to simply ask them and record their reactions by giving the show an on-the-spot grade on the scale of 1-100. 

The middle-aged couple next to me at Hangmen agreed the show deserved a score of between 85-90.