Wednesday, September 2, 2020

321. LOOK ME UP. From my (unpublished) ENCYCLOPEDIA OF THE NEW YORK STAGE, 1970-1975


Mary Lynn Kolas, Geoffrey Webb, Zan Charisse, Virginia Seidel.

LOOK ME UP [Musical Revue] B: Laurence Taylor; D: Costas Omero; CH: Bob Tucker; S: James Steward Morcum; C: Rosemary Heyer; L: Augusto Martinez; P: Costas Romer i/a/w Rio Plaza Productions, Ltd., b/sp/a/w Café Chanant Enterprises; T: Plaza 9 Music Hall (OB); 10/6/71-5/28/72 (406)

This successful cabaret revue had its audience singing along with such favorite fragments of Jazz Age nostalgia as “Get Happy,” “Someone to Watch Over Me,” “Button up Your Overcoat,” “You Made Me Love You,” “Five-Foot Two,” and many others.

Most of the songs were from the twenties, but some came from the years just before and after. Mel Gussow liked it well enough, despite a “botched” beginning, and applauded it as “a delightful surprise.” The opposing viewpoint came from Michael Feingold, who complained that this “supposed entertainment” made him “ill” because of its gross waste of talent and material.

The 13-member cast included Zan Charisse, perhaps the best known, Ted Agress, Kevin Christopher, Murphy Cross, Robin Field, Don Liberto, Mary Lynn Kolas, Virginia Seidel, and Geoffrey Webb.