Thursday, September 24, 2020

361. MOTHER EARTH. From my (unpublished) ENCYCLOPEDIA OF THE NEW YORK STAGE, 1970-1975

Gail Boggs, John Bennett Perry, Kelly Garrett, Kimberly Farr.

MOTHER EARTH [Musical Revue/Environmentalism/Science] SK/LY: Ron Thronson; M: Toni Shearer; D: Ray Golden; CH: Lynn Morris; S: Alan Kimmel; C: Mary McKinley; L: Paul Sullivan; P: Roger Ailes in the Ray Golden Production; T: Belasco Theatre; 10/19/72-10/28/72 (12)

Kelly Garrett, Charlie J. Rodriguez, Rick Podell.

A combination of songs and sketches originating in California, and purporting to advocate the need for ecological intelligence, but impaired by a dearth of quality material. Air and water pollution, the need to protect our national resources, the problems of an uncontrolled birth rate, our national pill-taking obsession, defoliation techniques in Vietnam, and test-tube babies were among the subjects touched on. Unfortunately, the attack was often banal, the messages unsubtle, and the performances occasionally amateurish.

Nevertheless, the nine-member cast—which included Kimberly Farr—had a youthful zest and charm, some of the rock tunes were pleasant, and a young singer named Kelly Garrett was said to have sensational possibilities. Though her career was not as long-lasting as her talent might have suggested, she received a Tony nomination for The Night That Made America Famous and was beaten out for the role of Mabel Normand in Mack and Mabel by Bernadette Peters.

Followers of the media and politics might note the name of this progressively-themed show's producer.