Thursday, April 21, 2016

188. Review: AMERICAN PSYCHO (seen April 15, 2016)

"He Works in Murders and Executions"
Stars range from 5-1. 

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Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre
236 W. 35th Street, NYC
Open run
Benjamin Walker, Drew Moerlein. Photo: Jeremy  Daniel.

Benjamin Walker and company. Photo: Jeremy Daniel.

Alex Michael Stoll, Dave Thomas Brown, Benjamin Walker, Jordan Dean and Theo Stockman. Photo: Jeremy Daniel.

Anna Eilinsfeld, Ericka Hunter, Heléne Yorke., Morgan Weed, Krystina Alabado, and Holly James. Photo: Jeremy Daniel.

Benjamin Walker, Theo Stockman, Dave Thomas Brown, Drew Moerlein, Jordan Dean and Alex Michael Stoll. Photo: Jeremy Daniel.

Alice Ripley, Benjamin Walker. Photo: Jeremy Daniel.

Benjamin Walker, Jennifer Damiano. Alice Ripley. Photo: Jeremy Daniel.

Keith Randolph Smith, Benjamin Walker. Photo: Jeremy Daniel. 

Morgan Weed, Alex Michael Stoll, Benjamin Walker, Dave Thomas Brown, Jordan Dean and Heléne York. Photo: Jeremy Daniel.